Hepa Judeh

I was surprised how comfortable, easy to use Huriia umbrella holder is. I’m a mom and work full time. Anything that makes my life easier, is beyond a blessing in my life. When it’s raining or after my laser hair removal treatments where I need to limit sun exposure. This has helped me tremendously to stay dry or limit sun exposure. It makes it easier going out and about with my daughter. I can easily push stroller or hold my daughter while wearing this awesome umbrella holder. My only criticism, I didn’t know about this sooner!!! I would recommend to all!!!!

Tom Brys

I travel often for my job and never know what the weather will be like at other destinations. This holder was very secure and came in handy while trying to check important information on my phone during the unexpected rain. In fact it's so comfortable that I ended up buying another one for my daughter to use during her walks to her college

Tam Pham

So glad we found this product! As a busy mama w/ two little boys I was looking for something to hold my umbrella for our walks at the park and in the rain. It’s so easy to use and stays securely in place for my 3 year old toddler as he runs around with his friends! I just throw it in my diaper bag and have it handy now at all times. Highly recommend for all moms and hikers!

Stuart Cutt

I am a maintenance supervisor. I have to walk the entire grounds 3 times daily rain or shine while updating data on my iPad, having both hands free during the rain has saved me 45 minutes daily making me more productive. Thanks Huriia

Alexander R.

I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before! It’s proved absolutely vital to my job as a valet. Not only can I open doors for my clients, but I can help women out of the car with my other hand while keeping them nice and dry. The best part? No more wet ponchos in my customers’ vehicles. This product should be standard issue for valets around the world.


This is an absolutely ingenious product! It’s one of those things you just don’t realize you need until you have it. Now I can use my phone and walk my dog at the same time while remaining bone dry. No more soggy clothes three times a day.

April Harris

I purchased this for travel and it has come in so handy! Especially now with masks, it seems like I never have enough hands to manage my mask, my phone, my keys, etc. This has simplified my life so much. It's comfortable, secure and easy to use. Thank you!

Homa A.

I'm so glad someone invented this umbrella holder! I'm a petite woman so I need to use the straps to keep it secure, but once I have it on, I can hold an umbrella hands free while gardening or taking photos in a light drizzle. Also, great quality for the price!

Brandon Satcher

This product is actually pretty sturdy while being flexible. Going to buy another for my wife. Very happy with the purchase

Ashley Ford

Once I found the perfect placement on my body, the holder worked pretty well. It's very lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy enough to keep the umbrella in place. I used my own personal umbrella and it fit!

Xaedy Siddique

I was hesitant to try it at first, but couldn't believe it actually worked. Once I found the "sweet spot" it fit comfortably. I used my own folding umbrella and stayed put during my long rainy walk. Support was great at answering questions.

Steve Roskosky

This umbrella attachment made my life easy. It’s perfect for multitasking.

Blair Clark

I strongly recommend this product for anyone that has kids. If you’ve ever slogged through the rain with a child in one hand, groceries in the other, trying to cradle an umbrella in your arm, this product is a LIFE SAVER


Brook Schmidt

I was happy to see there was a light umbrella option to match with my Huriia hands-free holder. I’m not your average uptight professional, so I prefer bright colors rather than drab old grey and black. Of course, I love the holder itself, but the umbrella is well made and big enough to keep me and my three-year-old dry in even the heaviest downpour

I’m in finance, so black umbrellas are kind of “part of the uniform.” I can’t tell you how happy I was that I could get a black umbrella to go with my holder. However, once I got the umbrella in my hand, I was even happier. Not only is it nice and lightweight, but it’s sturdy and durable as well. Excellent product!

Mo Pashivar

work security, and spend hours outside both night and day. When it rains, my colleagues and I have to wear these miserable ponchos. Not only do they make you sweat, but they make it hard for us to access our belts in the event of an emergency. The rain holder has changed all that. And since it’s available in black, I don’t have to advertise my presence. Great product.

Jason Struthers

This umbrella fit well with the holder and it's pretty sturdy. Very happy with the purchase.


Alexander R.

I loved the idea of the umbrella holders, so I was pretty disappointed to find that the included straps didn’t fit my rather broad shoulders. Then, while looking to return it, I saw these handy extension straps! Thanks so much for having these, as I’m so glad that I can still use the umbrella holder. As one of those guys who has to stand outside for hours on end, I no longer have to dread rainy days.