The world of Huriia was built on a sparkle of idea, with months of crafting, engineering and tailoring that led to the greatest purpose of all: freedom.

Huriia exists to multiply freedom where it’s not enough and build freedom from scratch where it’s nothing. Emerging into the world with the first product to set you
free - the wearable umbrella holder- Huriia represents the beginning of modern independence.

The early idea of Huriia, back when the concept didn’t have a name – started with a lot of travelling the world as a solo, independent traveller,
where holding the umbrella created much discomfort and frustration, placing limits over basic enjoyable actions such as taking photos, holding the phone, eating
on the go, holding a child, carrying a bag and simply feeling effortlessly comfortable.

It felt necessary to tackle such an obvious problem that didn’t have a single solution to look seamless, minimal, comfortable,
and with a quality feel that would also provide complete and secure freedom.

With the desire to change this and out of love for independence and freedom, along with a perfectionist sense and many barriers overcome,
Huriia was born, unstoppable from offering freedom.

Huriia name finds its provenance in Arabic, meaning freedom.

Freedom in concept, mission and name.


Huriia was born on a soft, rainy day in the Japanese gardens up in Portland, OR. I couldn’t help but take photos at every turn. The vibrant colors were unlike anything I saw before and were enough to light up my inner photographer. It seemed simple enough at first, but soon I realized that there was no way for me to take the photo and hold my umbrella at the same time. And just like that, the idea for an elegant wearable umbrella holder sparked up like a light-bulb in my head.That’s when I decided to change the umbrella industry forever.

Meet The Mastermind

Dr. Humeira S. Ahmed is the visionary founder and creative mastermind behind Huriia’s wearable umbrella holder, an invention that forever changed the way we carry umbrellas. With a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Creighton University, she works as a pharmacy manager in Northern California. When she’s not caring for her patients, she finds herself traveling to many corners of the world. She enjoys experiencing various cultures and views the world from an outsider's point of view while solving problems with her unconventional thinking. Her goal is to make everyone’s life easier.

You may have never thought you needed a wearable umbrella holder, but once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Huriia - Sets you Free.